Extreme-Pressure Additives (EP Additives)

The tribological properties of lubricants can be clearly improved by adding extreme-pressure additives (also calles high-pressure additives). LUBIO® EP additives prevent the welding of the metallic materials under extreme pressure and / or load conditions by means of reaction with the material surfaces. The LUBIO® EP series contains EP additives which are both soluble in oil and in water.

LUBIO ®Active ingredientApplicationProduct formTreat level [wt %]Kinematic viscosity at 40 °C [mm²/s]Element content [%]
LUBIO® EP  1sodium salt of sulfurized sulfonatesmetal working fluidssolid3.0 – 5.0S: 36.0   S(activ): 1.0
LUBIO® EP  3ashless di-n-octyl-phosphitecompressor oils, hydraulic oils, gear oils, bio-based lubricantsliquid0.3 – 2.05P: 10.0

 By using LUBIO® Additives, you are able to improve the performance and sustainability of your products.


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