Adhesive improvers, also called tackifiers or adhesion enhancers, improve the adherence of oils and lead to thread forming. They are typically used in saw chain oils or biolubricants. The adhesive concentrates of the LUBIO® TF series are partly biodegradable and bear the german eco-label “Blauer Engel” (Blue Angel).

LUBIO ®Active ingredientApplicationProduct formTreat level [wt %]Kinematic viscosity at 40 °C [mm²/s]
LUBIO® TF 1polyisoprene in plant oilbio-based lubricants, chainsaw oilsliquid0.5 – 5.020000
LUBIO® TF 2polyisobutylene in mineral oilchainsaw oilsliquid0.5 – 5.0300
LUBIO® TF 3polyisobutylene in mineral oilorganic chainsaw oils  (eco label) liquid0.1 – 1.01000

 By using LUBIO® Additives, you are able to improve the performance and sustainability of your products.