Acid Scavengers

The Acid Scavengers of the LUBIO® series, significantly improve the durability of polymer systems. They allow polymers to be more resistant in humid environments (hydrolysis), as well as towards acids and radicals (autoxidation), therefore considerably decelerating the associated disintegration process of the affected polymers.

LUBIO ®Active ingredientApplicationProduct formTreat level [wt %]TGA [°C]Melting point [°C]
LUBIO® AS 1bio-based acid scavengerPBT, PET, PLA, PBAT, PU, PA, PVCsolid/liquid0.5 – 2.0> 22520-40
LUBIO® AS 1-SPbio-based acid scavengervegetable oils, synthetic esters, PLA, PU, soft-PVCliquid0.5 – 2.0> 240< 25
LUBIO® AS 2polymeric acid scavengerpolyesters (PET, PBT, PBAT,…), polyester-PU, TPU, PVC, acrylatesliquid0.2 – 2.0> 250< 5
LUBIO® AS 11polymeric acid scavengerpolyesters (PET, PBT, TPE, PBAT, EVA,…), PA, PU, PVBsolid1.0 – 2.5> 280> 140
LUBIO® AS 14polymeric acid scavengerTPU, (watery) acrylates, POMliquid0.5 – 1.5> 250< 5
LUBIO® AS 15polymeric acid scavengerTPU, (watery) acrylates, POMliquid1.0 – 2.0> 288< 5
LUBIO® AS 15-PLAsterically hindered polycarbidiimidepolyester (PET, PBT, PEE), polyurethane, thermoplastic polyester polyurethanen (TPU) granulate1.0 – 5.0 —— 
LUBIO® AS 15-EVAsterically hindered polycarbidiimideethylen-vinylacetate-copolymere  EVA-polymerblends with other elastomers granules1.0 – 5.0 —— 
sterically hindered polycarbidiimidepolyesters (PET, PBT, PEE), polyester polyurethanes as well as thermoplastic polyester polyurethanes (TPU) granules1.0 – 5.0 —— 
LUBIO® AS 18polymeric antiagingsystemPolyester (PET, PBT, PLA, PBAT, …)solid0.5 – 3.0> 350> 105
bio-based acid scavengerpolyesterfilms, TPUliquid0.5 – 3.0 wt%approx. 120< 1


 By using LUBIO® Additives, you are able to improve the performance and sustainability of your products.