Organic Plasticizer

Plasticisers help in making polymer systems softer, more flexible and more elastic for use or further processing. The LUBIO® organic plasticisers are free from phthalate and are partly based on biogenic complex esters.

LUBIO ®Active ingredientApplicationProduct formTreat level [wt %]TGA [°C]Melting point [°C]
LUBIO® FL  7complex esterPA, PBT, PET, PU, EVA, Acrylatesliquid5.0 – 20.02308
LUBIO® FL 20complex esterPA, PBT, PET, PU, EVA, Acrylatesliquid5.0 – 20.0235-78
LUBIO® FL 28nonionogenic, high polymeric, filmogenic, hydrophobing agentcoating systems in the polymer and lether industry to improve of rub fastness for leather applications and incorporate a pleasant and typical surface feelliquid

1.0 – 5


 By using LUBIO® Additives, you are able to improve the performance and sustainability of your products.