About us

LUBIO ADDITIVES LTD., located in Creston BC Canada, founded in 2020 is a subsidiary of Schäfer-Additivsysteme GmbH, a successful family-owned business in Germany.

We are run by a team of highly qualified chemists, laboratory assistants, engineers and merchants in the field of additive chemistry.

As additive specialists, we offer a wide assortment of additive systems as well as customized solutions to help our customers deal with challenges they face. With expert and targeted advice we support our customers to efficiently use our additive systems and products in the plastic, lubricant, rubber and adhesive industries, and thus drive innovations ahead.

Our research, innovation, and high level of experience aid our customers in finding quality solutions to their technical and economic challenges.

Our philosophy

Value for our society
We invest our time in research and development, to create innovations as well as solutions for specific future-oriented problems. Through these investments we improve our competitiveness as well as those of our customers and also generate added value for our society.

With people to success
Through recognition of the performance of each and every colleague, a respectful and constructive relationship between coworkers, and the combination of everyone’s strengths, we create a motivated and powerful team. Our team, as well as a fair and loyal partnership with our customers, suppliers and service providers are the foundation to our success.

We strive for economic success through consideration of our responsibility towards society, the environment, and our employees. Our priorities include a safe work environment, protection to people and the environment, optimal usage of our resources, as well as following rights and regulations for all conditions are our priorities.

Remaining flexible while continuing to maintain high quality work- that is important to us.

Further Development
Further development of this company is based upon lifelong learning and continuously striving for more knowledge. Along with continuous improvements to our products, services and workflow, the skills of the staff continue to develop.

 By using LUBIO® Additives, you are able to improve the performance and sustainability of your products.


2595 Sinclair Rd
Creston BC V0B 1G2

Phone: +1 (250) 566 3270
E-Mail:  sales@lubio.com