July 5th, 2020

New anti-aging system in the LUBIO® AS series

  • Multifunctional additive system for the stabilization of ester containing polymers
  • Outstanding hydrolysis stabilization
  • Protection against thermic and light induced aging
  • Toxicologically and ecotoxicologically harmless

Due to its highly effective functional groups, LUBIO® AS 18 prevents the breakdown of polymers. It is capable of rapidly binding with free acids and radicals which initiate polymer breakdown and are frequent cause of functional loss in man-made material. Additionally, LUBIO® AS 18’s cross-linking properties ensure the relinkage of already broken polymer strands and thereby care for the overall preservation of the mechanical properties of products.

With the introduction of LUBIO® AS 18 to the market, LUBIO ADDITIVES brings a new product that ensures an optimal long-term stabilization of conventional ester-based plastics as well as modern bioplastics. Apart from providing excellent hydrolytic resistance, LUBIO® AS 18 also gives materials out of PLA, PET, PBT, and many more, additional protection towards thermic, oxidative, and photolytic decomposition.

LUBIO® AS 18 can be used in numerous polymer types. The low emission potential and ecotoxicological safety of this product demonstrate several of the many advantages of LUBIO® AS 18 relative to the classical hydrolysis protection additives used in polyesters.


 By using LUBIO® Additives, you are able to improve the performance and sustainability of your products.


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