Research and Development

Research is the base to our success.

Together with our partners in economy and science we search for sustainable products and solutions and are continuously striving for new innovations. Considerations for customer and market demand as well as chemical law, eco-toxicological impact minimization, and a healthy and safe work environment are our highest priorities.

Through close cooperation with our clients, we can offer customized solutions and create marketable products. Together with the continuous optimization of our existing products these specific solutions for our customers create the base of our success.

Our fields of research are amongst other things:

  • Additives for bioplastics and bio composites
  • Biogenic monomers for the productions of novel plastics
  • Cluster technology for the production of REACH-compliant products
  • UV hardened acrylate-free polymer systems
  • Ionized fluids to use in tribo systems
  • Bonded coating with micro capsule technology
  • Dispersion
  • Additives for the base of renewable resources

 By using LUBIO® Additives, you are able to improve the performance and sustainability of your products.


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